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The Adventurer – Swimmer

Normand Piché

I am a passionate person with a profound sense of curiosity and a heartfelt eagerness to live out my dreams. Following a series of highly emotional meetings with medallists from the 2014 Sochi Olympics, I felt deeply inspired by the path of athletics. After my return and as I gave conferences, it dawned on
me that I had become a messenger for the dreams of others. But what about my own dream? Anxious to give my life a purpose, an answer eventually came from my heart; I was to swim across the 5 continents in 80 days!

I see this expedition as a unifying force between humanity and water, and between people of all cultures. I wish to inspire others to realize their dreams, to redefine their boundaries of what is possible and that we all strive to do better with each passing day.

The Expedition



United-States – Russia


± 6,5 km


4 degrees C

 Cold, orcas, political turmoil



Papua – Indonesia


12,6 km


25 degrees C

 Currents, sharks, jellyfish


Red Sea

Egypt- Jordan



18,5 km


25 degrees C

 Political turmoil, marine predators


Aegean Sea

Greece – Turkey 


14,6 km


20 degrees C

Currents, sharks, traffic



Spain – Morocco



15,6 km


20 degrees C

Currents, pollution, traffic

And you, what's your dream ?

I am offering to be the spokesman for your dream by taking it with me around the world in my swim buoy.

Share your dream, to bring us all closer together.

Share your dream with me

The Feat

To be the first person in the Americas to swim across waters connecting the 5 continents. A bold journey around the globe for a total swimming distance of about one hundred kilometers in 5 different crossings over a period of 80 days.

“For me, the real achievement is daring to believe that such a project is feasible and do whatever it takes to see it through; even when things get rough and I feel like I have exceeded my physical and mental limits. I move forward because I choose to reach my full potential, to bridge the gap between my dream and reality.”

The Challenge

Immense, wild and motivating. Each crossing represents a logistics and financial puzzle, the training is extremely demanding and the risks are very real: chaotic marine currents, sharks and deadly jellyfish, exceedingly cold or polluted waters, political turmoil, dangerous marine traffic…

«Sometimes I feel like this is way too big and I start to wonder what was I thinking, this is unreal! Then I remember the things I said at the very beginning: instead of focusing on the difficulties, just swim and keep moving forward, one stroke at a time. Trust in life, it conspires in your favour.»

The Inspiration

My wish, in all humility, is that this expedition might spark an idea in the heart and mind of people. An inspiration to find and pursue their own dream.

«I had my epiphany during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. The intensity of each moment spent amongst the athletes inspired me and I remember thinking: I no longer wish to be a spectator to the dream of others and tell their story; I want to accomplish something great. I hope, in my turn, to kindle the flame for someone else, no matter the magnitude of their dream.»

Water and Humans

Behind the idea to swim across waters connecting the 5 continents, there is also a willingness to raise awareness of the importance of preserving, respecting and celebrating water in all its might and vulnerability.

“I have a deep respect for water. It is a vital element both indomitable and delicate, at the center of everything, the link to all life. There are no other places where I feel more comfortable. Water is for me a great symbol of unity and peace.”

A Collective Adventure

A team consisting of high-spirited and generous people bound by their deep and strong desire for adventure. A beautiful wave of cooperation that runs its course.

«It amazes me how my adventure has evolved from an egocentric impulse to a mobilizing project greater than myself. I find great motivation and energy in knowing that friends, family and people I didn’t even know share this dream and work towards achieving it. It has an exponential effect.»

The Ultimate Crossing From Lake Leman, Switzerland, to the United Nations

This sixth and final crossing, a late edition to this project, serves as the culmination of all the swims. Imagine a moment of emotional intensity filled with the indescribable excitement that characterizes great accomplishments, but also one of gentle serenity. In an effort to convey a powerful message of unity, solidarity and peace, several wish letters to humanity will accompany Normand during his final crossing which will mark the end of the expedition. The beautiful swim across Lake Leman, Switzerland, will begin at the foot of the famous Jet d’Eau fountain, whose mighty engines pump water to the height of 140 meters. The whole expedition team as well as friends and valuable contributors will attend to share and participate in this profound act of peace.

Together, they will then walk along Avenue de la Paix until they reach the United Nations Office to deliver the letters in a unifying gesture of hope, This adventure embodies the idea of bringing peoples and cultures together; the crossings provide the symbol to strive for a better and united world and this can be accomplished through one stroke, one action at a time.


Expedition Team

Normand Piché

Formerly artist agent, then coach and motivational speaker, Normand has devoted himself full time to this project for the past year and a half.

Since October 2014, he has been training vigorously for the purpose of swimming across waters connecting 5 continents. He oversees and takes part in all aspects of logistics, funding and production of the expedition. He has been interviewed by the media several times and currently gives conferences to inspire others, particularly youth.

Anastasia Polito

As a former professionnal triathlete, Anastasia has been training athletes to achieve their best for over 15 years. Dedicated, passionate and motivating, Anastasia plans and oversees Normand’s training. She also studies ocean currents specific to the crossing locations, is responsible for acclimation to cold water and provides logistics support.

Annie-Claude Roberge

As an adventure photographer and videographer, Annie-Claude travels the world to relate extraordinary humanitarian stories. An outstanding expert in her field and a
person of keen sensitivity, she will be in charge of producing high quality video and photo content throughout the expedition.

Mathieu Drugeon

A kinesiologist by training, Mathieu has developed a passion for extreme challenges and acquired experience in supervising groups during outdoor activities.
It was thus natural that Mathieu be made responsible for the logistics planning of the expedition and directing the team while on the field. He is also responsible for managing the website.

Sylvain Lavoie

Not only is Sylvain a massage therapist and an osteopath, he is also a accomplished athlete with a lively spirit. He will be the one in charge of Normand’s security when out at sea, as well as providing physical care and planning a healthy diet throughout the adventure. He also provides logistics support.

Team in Montreal

Anne Marie Brassard

She is responsible for creating and managing social media content. Ideally, Anne Marie would be part of the expedition to get her own feel of the adventure and provide an accurate description of the events as they happen.

Alain Lebrun

Alain has held vice-president position within large corporations for nearly 20 years. His vast experience in large-scale project management helped him develop great leadership and expertise in several key sectors.
His natural ability to mobilize human resources towards achieving ambitious goals is an asset to o5. Alain is a man of both intellect and compassion. He will ensure that financial management and planning lead to the success of this daring expedition.

Marie-Annick l’Allier

Due to Marie-Annick’s expertise and thoroughness, this firm has become a leader in sports marketing and athlete management. It develops effective awareness campaigns tailored to the customers’ needs.
Marie-Annick and her team are responsible for media relations and live communications during the expedition, and will also provide commitment management services for post-expedition presentations.



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After his return from the expedition, Normand will tour several schools in the province to share his adventure, encourage self-transcendence and inspire the youth to pursue their dreams. Presentations for companies are anticipated as well.

Presentations to the general public are also under considerations, which would incorporate visual and sound effects for a more immersive experience.

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